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For sweet visual's:
sun warmed shaving cream cans.. leave them in the sun for about an hour, even winger gets a spin and spew.
travel size baby powder.. you have to cut the sifter top off first, but ohh the cloud you get.
expired packs of bologna from the grocery store
cans of vienna sausage
tannerite on anything

For experiments:
Tape the edges of a good thick phone book and shoot with various ball and grain weight. then remove the tape and check out the expansion/cavitation of the various styles of ammo the deeper they go through the pages.

For challenges:
cotton swabs in a drilled 2x4 at about 30 yds
aspirins on black paper
20 yd pistol targets at 100 yds for rifle shooting
cd's hanging on fishline and let swing in the breeze
cd's glued to black paper at 30yds.. shoot through the center hole without touching plastic
matches in a drilled 2x4
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