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Spanish Mauser

I own an Oviedo model 1928 in 7x57. It still shoots resonably well despite to low rep some Spanish Mauser have had. I use primarily 165gr PSP reloads and have brought down a few deer over the years. I bought it in the early '80's for about $85, it was the first Mauser pattern I owned that was still on the military furniture. The serials match all the way around.. barrel, receiver, bolt, trigger plate, stock, and even the cleaning rod. It is pretty much a wall hanger now, and looks sweet with the short style bayonet.

I ppretty much retired it since getting my first Brno 8mm, then my Erfurt 8mm. Don't know why, but I have just preferred Mausers for most of my life, and seem a little biased to them.

If you dont get rid of yours, make it wall hanger. Just because it might have some weak points, doesnt mean you can't show it off.

"She may be old and have a history, but she is still pretty, and she's all mine."

Just my .02's worth.
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