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Buy the cheapest and replace the barrel, and stock and do the trigger. Unless something has changed recently the factory target model isn't any more accurate than a sporter because they share the same chamber dimensions.

You can get a pretty good stock from Boyd's for less than $100. A pretty decent Green Mountain Barrel for $100-150. You can get the trigger under 2-1/2lbs with a $50 Volquartsen (VQ) target hammer kit or under 2lbs with a Kidd DIY trigger kit for $110ish, or go top of the line with a $300 Kidd 2-stage trigger. The bottom line is you can make that 10/22 more accurate than most people can shoot for less than $300 in upgrades and a bit of time to dial it in. Or you can go hog wild with $200+ Kidd or VQ barrel and deluxe everything else. I have some of both but either way don't skimp on the optics.

This was a budget build.

This is a bit more extravagant and has since acquired a Kidd 2-Stage trigger.
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