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I know the guy before me resurrected a year-old thread, but I had to correct this misinformation:

the FBI has all your information in their computers...Along with all of your information and the serial number, manufacturer, model/make, type (rifle or pistol), date of purchase and purpose of purchase.
Not true at all. Not even close.

If your dealer chooses to use the paper 4473 and calls in the NICS background check, only the following information is transferred to the FBI:

-State of birth (country if not the US)
-Date of Birth
-SSN (optional)
-Ethnicity and race
-State of residence
-Country of citizenship
-Type of firearm (handgun, long gun, and/or other)

That's it. That's all the information provided to the FBI. While the 4473 form is kept on premises at the dealer for at least seven years, the only reason the Feds would look at it is during an investigation of some sort.
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