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I see why we got confused:

Originally Posted by Josh17 View Post
But I was looking for a "at home/safe/sitting in my drawer type of gun" that I could leave sitting in there for months, or years, and pull it out to use it just in an emergency when needed.
Originally Posted by Josh17 View Post
I think the use/purpose of what I planned on using the Glock or Revolver I mis-said. I actualy want a "truck gun" not a home defense weapon as I already have a home defense weapon.
I'd have to agree with MLeake. I carried a car gun for a while (Rossi .357), but decided that I didn't think it was a good idea. If my gun is for any reason visible, it makes my car a target. Even if it is concealed, and someone steals my car, then I now have a stolen gun. Too many complications, not enough benefits. Just carry your carry gun, and you will have it with you in the car.

If you DO decide to go car gun, I would actually suggest a Taurus Revolver- decent weapon, but inexpensive enough to not feel so bad if it gets stolen.
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