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Longer Barrel, Man......

I say at least a 4" barrel and preferably longer. If you prefer a double action, get a .44 magnum. If you like single actions it's a toss-up between .44 mag and .45 Colt. Don't get anything more powerful than a .44 magnum. Heck, most people can't shoot a .44 Magnum worth a darn even when they own it because it too much gun for them. If you master it and still want more then OK, go ahead. I like the single action Ruger Vaquero with 4-5/8" barrel myself. I've had the Blackhawk with 7-1/2 barrel. The longer barrel is easier to shoot well but for holster use it's a bit less handy. A 5" to 6" barrel is probably ideal. Forget the 2" barrel. You'll get used to a longer one in a short time and will be much better served when it's time to use it. You said, "woods gun", remember?
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