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If you Might Not carry, would you buy a Sig 232: first handgun?

Over twenty five hours were spent reading about Makarovs, the P-64, PPK and Sig 232, plus the Bersa, carry options etc.

Three times with a P-64 made me reconsider these other types. The same hour I first tried a friend's Bersa T. .380, same rural pasture. Much more pleasant than the P-64.
Cost is not an issue, within the range of these (prefer used). My first handgun will be FTF, west TN.

Being well aware of .22LR economics etc (I'm 57), are most buyers of a first handgun glad, in retrospect, after they have used any of these types, if they later decided Not to carry in their clothing?
My shirts are Always tucked in when not running, hot climate, no jacket worn when warm?

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