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Guess I should "READ THE MANUAL" ...... well I will post in case anyone has a similar question....:


You do not have to disassemble this rifle in order to clean it sufficiently
and to keep it operating properly.

In order to clean it, we suggest that you first open the action by swinging the
lever down. Use a brand name rifle cleaning kit and run the cleaning rod down
the bore from the muzzle end toward the breech. Wipe the bolt clean of any
debris with solvent and a patch or small rag. Spray the bolt with some gun oil.

If you prefer to take your rifle apart to clean it, then we suggest the

Open the action by swinging the lever down.
Remove the lever screw and then remove the lever. Next, remove the bolt from the receiver.

Note: This will loosen the ejector inside the receiver, so be very careful not
to misplace it. You can then remove the ejector from the slot on the left side
of the receiver. Use a brand name rifle cleaning kit and clean the bore from
the breech end. Then clean the bolt and oil it before replacing.

To reassemble, simply do the reverse remembering not to over-tighten the lever screw.
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