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Originally Posted by TheFlash View Post
You mentioned that you prefer either the Storm or a S&W 469, 669, or 6906.

I bought a 6906 new when they were being offered by S&W and it still is my #1 favorite 9mm pistol. Just fits my hands perfectly.

However, you mentioned that you did not like the feel of the Stoeger/Beretta Cougar nor the Ruger P95 -with the P95 being too large for your needs.

Instead of the S&W 469, 669 or 6906, have you also considered the 3913?
The 3913's single stack magazine vs the 6906 double stack with the 3913's thinner profile could possibly fit your hands better.

I have and i am looking for a double stack. It may be all in my head or it may be ergos, but the Smiths and the Storm just do not feel as bulky in my hand as the Cougar or P95. I do already own a 5906 so I am familiar with the Smiths. The fact they will all (469,669, & 6906) take the same mags I already have is a big plus
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