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I tried both left and right clips on my Kel-Tec P32(what Ruger copied for the LCP design. Pocket carry wasn't any good because when clipped inside the pocket, with the clip on the right side of the gun, the gun is tight to the outside of the pocket, and you cant get a good grab on the grip for a fast draw. IWB wasn't good either because the clip goes in the pin at the end of the frame, next to the hammer, so the gun rides so low, again, no fast grab on the grip. I actually liked OWB with the clip on the left of the gun. That was a fast draw, but the gun just dangles there, unsupported, so thats a NO-GO. I even thought about a small slit through the part of the pocket closest to your leg, and the clip on the left of the gun. Insert clip through slit in pocket, so grip is exposed, and gun rides high. That probably would work well. until your pocket rips. A little sewing, to reinforce the area you cut, and I bet it would work fine. Or you could sew a little "tube" for the clip to slide into, and the slit through the pocket wouldnt be needed. I never went that far. Its also possible, with clip on left side of gun, to clip onto your underwear, but then the clip digs into your skin.

About that time... I gave up on the clip, and looked for an even smaller pocket option, the NAA Mini Revolver. After buying one in 22 LR and shooting it, I gave up on that idea, and now just throw the P32 into my empty pocket, sometimes with no pocket holster.
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