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Ruger Customer Service Strikes Again!

For its 20th birthday, I sent my well cared for, but well worn, .44 Mag Super Blackhawk off to Ruger. I wanted to see if they'd replace the cylinder with the newer version, due to varying throat diameters and some lock-up and cylinder-to-barrel alignment issues (it was worn out ).

They sent me back what is essentially a new revolver, built on my original frame.

Work done:
-Replaced barrel and front sight (wasn't necessary).
-Replaced cylinder.
-Replaced base pin.
-Replaced rear sight.
-Replaced ejector shroud (with steel).
-Replaced hammer (for an undocumented trigger job).
-Replaced locking pawl (not in the paperwork, but it isn't the original).
-Replaced all hardware (every pin, every screw).
-Replaced all springs (undocumented, but they aren't the originals).
-Full refinish and re-blue.
-Shipped back via 2nd-Day Air

Total cost: $0.00

So, it's 20 years old, has seen many thousands of rounds, and is now "new, unfired" again. Not to mention, the Ruger billboard is now under the barrel.

The photo they sent back with the revolver, of the test target, shows a 6-shot 15-yard group of about 1" outside edge to outside edge. It's impossible to make out individual holes in the crappy image, but I'm hoping it's perfectly capable of the 0.6" groups that target hints at.

Not even a drag line, yet....

(That color difference between the frame and grip frame is just due to lighting.)

My only complaints are:
1. They didn't ask before they replaced the barrel. The old one was fine.
2. They used the new-style base pin. (I like the shouldered style.)
3. The new cylinder has much more end-play than I'd like.
4. They didn't communicate with me, at all, even though I asked them to let me know what the course of action would be.

We'll see how it shoots on Saturday....
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