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With few trees to run into, Blaze who is blind, got to have her fun too.

Traveling like a Gypsy out of my truck I was fortunate in that some waterfowler friends also hunting in the area had rented a house nearby and gave me an invite. Well not really nearby, but in that country two hours is nearby and better than sleeping in my truck.

I did get to make one hunt with the guys on the bay. Having just rolled in from Quail hunting before jumping on the boat. I am still in green.

Old school decoys

Here is what I saw the morning of my quail hunt, followed by flights of cranes and other geese. Knowing what direction the big birds where leaving the roost pond back at the WMA I had to go back and give them a try.

Rare coastal Canadas leaving the roost.

I could have easily shot a limit of ducks, but did not want to turn my big bird flights. Pass shooting can sure be exciting in the right circumstances.

Young Dash learning how to sit still and not break on the big birds.

A couple kayaking friends texted me directions as they were putting decoys out on the bay at a place they scouted for access. So after my morning hunt I headed that way and launched the yak to join them.

I could not help but stop to take a picture of this dead soldier.
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