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Willie Sutton
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If folks like Willy want to sit by and do nothing, that is there right.

(1): Take a short Literacy Test: Use the words "There" and "Their" correctly in a short statement.

(2): You have not the slightest idea what I do to fight for our second amendment rights, so do not presume to speak to the fact that I sit by and do nothing. I donate over 5 figures a year to 2nd Amendment causes and volunteer constantly.

(3): If private firearms owners can convince *one* mainstream firearms manufacturer currently selling duty weapons to any NY State LE Branch to restrict sales of same to those of 7 rounds or less, I'll eat my hat.

I would be VERY HAPPY to eat my hat, and I would give you an hour to raise a crowd. It's just that the real-world probability of that happening approaches zero.


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