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IME, telling a Scot he is an Englishman is akin to calling an Alabama native a Yankee ......
Wasn't Alabama settled largly be Scotsmen? That southern accent didn't come from the Injuns.

It can be hard to compare murder and suicide rates of different countries. I think that Great Britain lists only solved murders as "murders", until solved, it's a "suspicious death". I may be wrong though.
If two people get in a fight and one dies, is it a murder, manslaughter, or an accidental death?
Is dying as a result of doing something "suicidal" a suicide or an accidental death? In some cultures, suicide brings so much shame to the family that authorities will list it as an accidental death to spare the family of the stigma.

All I'm saying is take these statistics with a grain of salt.

They also try to tell us that the US has one of the highest infant mortality rates of any developed country. The truth is that hospitals in the US save more premature infants than any country in the world and if we fail to save one, it goes on record as an infant death, not a miscarriage.
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