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I don't think they exist up here in northern Nevada, and chances that I'd voluntarily walk into a sports bar are nil anyway. I've never been comfortable "boycotting" an establishment that I do no business with, so I won't send an email in this case.

I'm also not fond of casinos, but I would have walked through the local Harrah's Casino to get to the Ichiban, a local Japanese restaurant with teppan tables. Unfortunately, when my husband and I went there, we found great big signs on the front doors that explicitly forbade even people with concealed firearms permits from carrying in the establishment. I phoned the restaurant and asked if it was possible to enter the restaurant without going through the casino, and it wasn't. I asked the guards whether the policy applied to people just passing through to the restaurant, and they said yes. :/ So I don't go to the Ichiban, and I wrote them a letter and told them why.

The odd thing is that as best I know, *none* of the other casinos in and around Reno have that policy, although most of them in Las Vegas do. You'd think Harrahs, which like most casinos these days is loosing money, wouldn't want to loose customers over this....
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