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While not the text of the bill itself, I did find what appears to be the transcript of Reid introducing it.

(1) support the efforts of the President of the United States to reduce violence in the United States;

(2) promote common-sense proposals for preventing gun violence;

(3) provide law enforcement officers with the tools necessary to combat violent crime and protect communities, and protect themselves;

(4) ensure children can attend school free from the threat of violence;

(5) support States and local districts to ensure schools have the safe and successful learning conditions in which all students can excel;

(6) provide tools for identifying individuals that pose a threat to themselves or others, so they can receive appropriate assistance;

(7) keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals and individuals who are not lawfully authorized to possess them;

(8) promote information-sharing that will facilitate the early identification of threats to public safety;

(9) mitigate the effects of violence by promoting preparedness;

(10) provide training for educational professionals, health providers, and others to recognize indicators of the potential for violent behavior;

(11) examine whether there is a connection between violent media and violent behavior;

(12) enable the collection, study, and publication of relevant research; and

(13) expand access to mental health services, with a focus on children and young adults.

Points 1, 2, and 7 could be troubling depending on their specifics, but they could also be nothing more than vague political maneuvering too. The lack of anything specifically on gun control may actually be a good sign given Reid's background on the issue and that he seems to be much more specific in his proposals on mental health and violent media. Of course, we'll have to wait for the actual text of the bill to know for sure.
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