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Around $150 plus shipping when Midway has them on sale, But the BSA tactical 6-24x44 may be what you want. This particular BSA scope is exclusive to Midway and they often have it for the price I mentioned. Decent scope, lots of good reviews on it and I own one. I've no complaints about it.

Other than the BSA I mentioned above, only thing I can think of in your $60-100 price range is a TruGlow scope sold by Has turret feature you want. Own a couple of the 6-24x44 truglow and have them on a pair of very so-so rifles that do not shoot worth a hoot. So-so optics on my TruGlows, as are the windage/elevation turret adjustments. 2nd one I got failed to adjust on it windage when zeroing it....returned it to Natchez for another. 2nd one has worked OK.

Oh, forgot. Natchez also has a BSA Platinum model in your price range with type of turrets you want. Most places sell the Platinum higher power scopes for $110-125. Natchez has them for around $75. Be aware, Natchez will charge you around $15 for shipping. Anyway, have 3 of the Platinums on mid recoiling centerfire rifles that I shoot on a fairly regular basis at range. Decent optics on them. Turret adjustments on two of them is good. Third one has rather mushy feel to turrets, but does adjust OK enough for my needs. Showed one of my Platinums to a fellow shooter recently. He will order one to put on the 22-250 Remington he uses in our monthly target shooting competition at range we are members. Last Sunday, he won our monthly target shoot with the Platinum mounted. Its worth at look at.
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