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FWIW, there's only TWO (2) recognized genre's of Winchester Model 1894/94 leverguns, pre-64 & post-64.
ANYTHING else is a subdivision, like post-64 Model 94AE's, & BB94's, or Pre-War whatever.

Also, Winchester NEVER designated any levergun as a "Trapper", until the post-64 period.

Anyone who says they've never seen a Pre-64 Model 94 Rifle need only look through a few Winchester reference books, if they don't have access to the real thing.
The early type carbines seem to be generally recognized, usually called "saddle ring carbines". That distiction or variant is more desirable than a later, post war, or even pre war ramp sighted guns. After the early type carbines (saddle ring carbines) went out, and ramp sights came in, they pretty much look alike, other than the long wood forends.
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