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F-Class: Set Up For a Beginner?

I was looking at participating in the monthly F-class shoots at one of the local clubs, and I am hoping to get some suggestions and input. I don't need to be competitive with anyone but myself.

With that in mind would a rem 700 or savage series 12 be a good starting point? What other rifles might be suitable that I should be looking at?(I'd prefer to stick with .223 or .308 chambering as to be able to participate in both the TR and open events) Then optics as I understand it, the skys the limit under the rules, but I'd like to stick with something basic and inexpensive. Suggestions?

Again, I'm not looking to set any records or win any matches. I just figured it would be a good way to get involved in another aspect of shooting and have some fun. All together I'd like to keep things under $1000 if possible.
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