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I know alot of shooters like Marlins: My Model 94/sn 2018545 I think it's around 1954. My first deer rifle, for Christmas 1961. Mom was a hunter and she had a Marlin, Gave me the Mod 94 I don't recall the cal. of the Marlin but she always said it was nicer. That the 30/30 was a brute. I haven't hunted with the 30/30 in years. I used my 1903 Springfield. This coming year I traded for a model 700 243 Winchester and I plan to hunt with it. I still Target with the Springfield, It's original and I roll the dice every time I shoot it. When I was young I watched the lone ranger and Roy Rodgers, I noticed the lever action Winchesters, I can't recall for sure but all the lever Actions had round barrels. also latch top Springfields were in alot of movies. Good luck with your choice, Be careful and shoot clean Sunny
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