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Well today I went to my local Dillon dealer to see about picking up the XL650 so I could set it up this weekend. They are completly out of them and are not sure when they will be getting any in. They said they have had them on order now for over a month. So since I am only going to be loading handgun ammo they suggested that I get a Square Deal 'B' instead. They have them for just over $400.00 per machine. That includes the following:
  1. The press
  2. One Caliber Conversion and 1 set of Dies
  3. Automatic Powder Measure
  4. Automatic Primer System
  5. SDB Strong Mount
  6. Low Powder Sensor
  7. Aluminum Bullet Tray

Is the SDB a good machine to start out with our should I wait for the XL650? The up side of getting the SDB is I can afford to purchase 2 presses and all the die sets for all the calibers that I shoot for less than the XL650 with only one die set.
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