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Is the Tula steel-cased?

I suspect that your extractor needs a bit more tension. When a round is fired, the case expands under the pressure and seals fairly tightly to the chamber wall. With brass cases, usually the pressure dissipates and the brass relaxes enough to allow the extractor to pull the case free as the slide retracts, but if it's a high-pressure load the case may remain obturated a bit longer, requiring a bit more "oomph" on the part of the extractor.

Steel-cased ammo isn't as flexible as brass, and doesn't recover as much. Stuck cases with steel-cased ammo wouldn't surprise me at all. It's also tough on extractors. I resolved many years ago never to shoot steel-cased ammo in any firearm that wasn't designed for it. (Which means I don't use it in a 1911, and I don't use it in an AR-15.)
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