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Orlando's patteren is almost the opposit of mine. My first is at 7 and the rest at 2 o'clock. And, there is no doubt that 57 grains of H380 fills case with 150 SMKs. I have an adjustable gas plug and so far I have not noticed any cases that show excessive pressure. But, I had heard about the primer up and down before. I suspect that if people used powder that created a lot of void, that might cause a problem. I have used IMR 4064, H4895, IMR 4895, IMR 8208, and now H380. All producing the same pattern with H380 the less of the anomally. My M1A shoots better than me. It's a driver. No problems like M1 anomaly. If this is typocal with M1s, then why do some hold a better group? I have spent a fortune on the M1 and would like to know why it doesn't shoot well.When I try another scope, I'll post results.
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