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pellets in side lock gun...won't fire .. how to get bullet out

So, I'm one of the new guys on the block.

I went out this morning, 2nd time ever. I had my Lyman deerstalker percussion cap rifle.

I without any malice aforethought put 2 pellets of Hodgon down the barrel, and then a Powerbelt 295 bullet.

Put a #11 cap on , aimed, pulled the trigger. The cap "fired", no boom otherwise. Put another cap on. Again. same thing.

So, I did a little target practice with my 9mm pistol , and then came home.

THEN I read the manual and see that pellets are not recommended because of their ignition issues.
So, yes, I'm the dumbass. I tried to remove the bullet using a bullet puller, but can't get it started on the bullet. It has a pointed end, so I'm not terribly surprised.

Should I go find one of those CO2 gizmo's? Or is there another solution?

as always, thanks in advance for any help. you folks have been really helpful... hope I don't wear you out.

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