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I like visiting my local pawn shop / used gun shop too...he still has a lot of guns in inventory - and he's the go to shop around my area....for any collections that guys want to put on consignment....

He's got a dozen or so single actions in inventory ....some Colts, etc...and a couple of Freedom Arms...nothing I want especially ...but you have to go look, just in case !

His inventory on real good DA S&W's and Colt revolvers comes and goes ....but its still a good place to pick up a model 19, or 27 ...or a python once in a while.../ you have to shop it....

He's a little low on 1911's ...but he still have about 25 guns...nothing real high end...a lot of Kimbers, some Colt, Springfield, etc...

the polymer stuff is flying off the the double stack handgun world....but so far, he's able to keep some Sig's in the case.../ and he has some of the best inventory around ...on handguns, rifles and shotguns...

Like all shops he's having trouble right now getting the inventory guys are asking about..../ whatever the hot Glock, M&P, XD's are this week...and mags ...and ammo ...but I think it'll all get back to normal in a few months, or at least I hope so.
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