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Actually...there is only 9 countries above the US in this.
You did not read the preceding posts. Do you really believe that gun deaths are fewer in Sudan or Syria than in the US? In these countries the citizenry has almost no gun rights.

Nearly all of the countries with ultra low rates of gun ownership and high rates of gun deaths were removed from the list. I can see why the anti's are so successful with spreading this.

We compare to the UK, Canada and Australia because we have somewhat similar societies, where the amount of gun control is the only real variable.
How do you define similar? The UK and Australia are located on islands with a vast majority homogenous population. Australia is 94% European and Asian. The UK is 93% the same ethnicity. These are pasteurized cultures.

The US has eleven million+ of illegal aliens living in it at best guess. That is actually half the population of Australia. You think the only variable is gun control? Have you been to any of these places?
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