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Wasn't directing my commentary at you.
It's directed at others who may be looking at this thread & thinking of putting several hundred rounds a year & running a bunch of hotter +P stuff through a DS regularly without understanding what the situation with the gun is.
You're over & done, I'm beyond you.

For those who make an informed choice, get the gun & enjoy.
For those looking for a gun they can fire thousands of +P rounds through indefinitely & figure it can be easily repaired, there are better choices.

My concern with Ralph's statement is that those unfamiliar with the action limitations, decreasing service options, and parts situation may see & believe what he said. I've talked to Colt, Cunningham, my local Colt certified guy, and Cylinder & Slide. I've run into parts problems myself. I own Dick Specials, I've had a Python with a timing issue, I've owned three Official Polices, I own a Trooper .357 (all with the same basic action), and I have a foundation for what I say.

Lotta people continued to drive Ford Pintos after learning about the potential for an exploding gas tank, but somebody felt the need back then to inform potential buyers about the reality of the car & buyers and owners were able to make informed decisions, and some people today feel the need to inform potential DS buyers what they're facing if they choose to buy.

It's education, not discouragement. I dislike seeing the unknowing spend money based on bad info & find themselves stuck with a gun problem that could have been avoided with accurate info up front.

I wouldn't have three Dick Specials myself if I didn't think they were neat guns.
I wouldn't have spent the extra for a DS over a Smith snub for professional use when I was a starving young cop with two kids if I diden't appreciate what the DS has to offer.

I just know its limitations & don't like to see people mis-represent them as being something they're not.
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