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This statement is completely false. The countries where guns are banned and seriously restricted have the highest death rates from guns of any in the world.
Why the continued fixation on "gun deaths"? That's playing into the hands of the gun banners.

Here's a serious question for those who want to use the "gun death" statistic:

Is a person in England any less dead because they were beaten to death with a pool cue than they were if they were shot? Are people who are beheaded by the Taliban in A-stan any less dead than if they were shot? Are the people tortured to death by the drug cartels in Mexico any less dead than if they were shot? Seriously?

On the other hand, those who have a gun and a willingness to use it, while they may be shot, they can't be tortured to death or have their head chopped off until they are first disarmed.

I'll keep my gun, thankee.....
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