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I have to respectfully disagree with you Tobnpr. Regardless of what the President or congress does its the media and far left anti-gun people that are pushing for this. I keep saying this over and over a State does not need congress or the President to enact anti-gun laws just take a look at NY or ask ANY gun owner on this board who lives in NY what just happened. They have been "gutted" and it had NOTHING TO DO WITH CONGRESS they don't need to wait for Fed laws they can act on their own. You can bet the farm that if someone farts with a AR it will be on the news. The million dollar question is "where do you live" is whats going to matter and how your local goverment will react to media and anti-gun hysteria. SMART people are hedging their bets on buying a sks because it is "ban friendly" if you live in a state that MIGHT go to a 10rd mag or the possiblity that our goverment just might pass a 10rd mag law the sks will and does make sense. IF it does come down to a 10rd mag I would rather have a rifle that uses 10rd stripper clips then a bulky ar or ak mag that you can only put 10rds in. It kinda negates having a magazine. My wife can fit 30rds of 7.62x39 on sks stripper clips in her purse if she wanted too. Check out how much a sks stripper cost right now they are up to $1 a strip.
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