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While the 22 is a good gun for some applications, self defense is not necessarily one of them. A 3-4 inch barrel medium frame 38 Special or 357 Magnum will do just fine for self defense. Don't let the word Magnum scare you, it just means the gun is capable of handling the more powerful cartridge. The 357 will also handle the 38 Special +P easily. When I started out 30+ years ago I started with a 6 inch 357 loaded with 38 Special +P ammo. It is a very good starter for defensive use and for training. If you decide later to handload your own ammo the 38/357 combo is very easy to handload. I once loaded 900 rounds with an old Lee Loader. Boy did that take some time. Later I got a loading press and never looked back. Good luck in your search. Look at it like this the gun you choose is your destination and how you choose and where you buy it is your journey. Many times the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.
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