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Biden "fireside chat" on gun control, Thurs. Jan 24 1:45PM ET

Our esteemed [Vice] President Biden has attempted to educate the masses, explaining to us why we don't actually have a right to semi-automatic weapons with more than 5 or 7 or 10 round magazines, why registration or another AWB is no big deal, etc.; how gun control would be a great victory against criminals, would save The Children, etc.

Food for thought:

Originally Posted by Randal Marlin
To avoid repeating mistakes of the past, an alert citizenry today should take the trouble to learn how easy it can be for a powerful minority to manipulate information to win the support--or the indifference--of the majority towards its actions. People need to be sensitized to these methods if they are to guard adequately against such manipulation.

... The art of mass persuasion is embedded in contemporary societies, those of liberal or neo-conservative democracies included. Public relations methods are intertwined with all major functions of modern life. During the 1930s, President Roosevelt pioneered the use of radio for gaining public support for his progressive propaganda through his so-called "fireside chats." ...
New century, new communications media, same old methods.

"Banning guns is an idea whose time has come." --Joe Biden, 1993-11-18, quoted by the AP
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