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RO downrange of the shooter

At my first IDPA match I watched an . . . interesting scenario. The shooter starts at P1, moves forward five paces, turns 90 degrees left down a corridor, then shoots, next returns back through the corridor, then moves uprange to his original position. (Think of an upside-down L; go out, then return on your same path.)

A new RO moved in as the first RO got ready to compete. This RO followed the shooter. On the return to P1, the RO ended up downrange of the shooter. The shooter realized what was happening at pointed his muzzle 20 or 30 degrees off downrange so as not to aim at the RO, but that was still closer than it should be, especially given the brain disfunction that occurs during the event.

Even though I have no experience as an RO, it seems that they should plan their route ahead of time to ensure that they will always be uprange of the gun.
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