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Willie is wrong.

WE put more money in the manufacturers' pockets when one considers what the gov't actually PAYS for the product.

In my county, Glock gave the PD pistols for FREE. (including holsters, training, armorer training, etc).

WE must let the manf. know we will not support them if they give NY LEOs more than 7 round capacity.

WE must let them know that we want them to move to FREE States or to treat Gov't agencies the way we are treated.

If folks like Willy want to sit by and do nothing, that is there right. But do not anyone else think, that as a group, WE can not get some things done.

As for Colt, they gave up on us in the 70's & 80's. May be a lost cause even if, just lately, they want our money again. Wonder why they are coming back to us?

It isn't called a fight because it is easy.
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