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This statement is completely false. The countries where guns are banned and seriously restricted have the highest death rates from guns of any in the world. Why do we keep giving ground on this?
Is this an emotional response? Or are you just repeating some statistic you found on a gun blog or gun board? Your statement is wrong. Please show me some statistics to prove your case. A disarmed society means fewer accidental and suicidal gun deaths. Gun murders should be theoretically higher, but we don't always see that. The UK has a far lower gun murder rate than the US. Mexico is higher than the US, so there's no hard fast rule. The US is #10 on gun deaths in the world per 100,000. Most of the countries above us have either heavy gun control, but a drug/cartel/warlord problem.

What is unequivocally proven, however, is that violent crime rates (with murder included) go up dramatically when you take guns away. We need to stay away from talking about death rates with grabbers (because there is evidence of both sides using that) and instead look at violent crime. That's the argument we CAN win.

So what? There are 193 other countries in the world besides the UK and the US. Many of them have much higher rates of "gun deaths".

This whole concept of comparing everything we do to the UK, Australia or Canada really needs to stop.
Actually...there is only 9 countries above the US in this. We compare to the UK, Canada and Australia because we have somewhat similar societies, where the amount of gun control is the only real variable. More gun control means more violent crime, not always more murders. Stop using deaths as a measure because its so easy to counter. Use violent crime. They cannot argue against that.
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