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Just take care !!!

There are problems in using a scale to measure black powder at home. Not the least of which is the possibility of a static electric spark setting it off. Black powder is FAR more easily ignited than smokless powder
Well, There is always the potential of getting into trouble on open powder but frankly, I have never had any or have first hand experience. I don't mean to speak for Mr. DFrame but what is being communicated here is that BP is not only more volital than smokeless but any BP replacent. Even at that, I have done some testing and it really does take a pretty good "dirty" spark to set BP off. You still have to keep in mind that of all powders BP is considered a Class-A explosive. I hope I'm 100% correct, on that one ??

I know a guy that routinely smokes when he reloads and I try to schedule my visits around those times. ...

Be Safe !!!
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