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Well.... truthfully, I'm a little defensive on this, only because a holster, like a gun is often a very intensely personal issue. I just got really tired of going into Cabelas or the LGSs and hunting for Springfield holsters, only finding a few, then seeing NONE for left-handers. If I'd bought a Glock, no problem. But I chose the gun based on fit, function feel, grip angle, and reports that it passed the Glock torture test better than a Glock. Further, that it was more accurate past 25 yds, according the my LGS who sells them all....

But I digress....

My only point here is that it's easy to start a fight over guns, as well as holsters.

I'm taking all criticism as I evaluate the design - for my own use -. And if I end up selling a few, that's not a bad thing. But, it works for me so far, and like so much in the shooting sports, it's all about what works!

Heck, I bought a Smith and Wesson AR M&P Sport 15 last November (for $599) and caught no end of grief because I didn't buy a Colt 6320 at WallyWorld for $1100. It won't shoot any more accurately, and I don't think I needs the pic rails so much. The forward assist and dust cover won't be missed until they deploy me to the front lines INSIDE the Washington beltway in a year or two!
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