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Thanks for the clear and concise, yet still confusing information!

So, what tool , in the field, would I use to measure? At home, I've got a powder scale.

What I've noticed is that it seems like a LOT of powder for say, 80 grains.

I am NEW at this so please bear with me.

I am using a Lyman Deerstalker Percussion cap gun.. 295 grain Powerbelt bullets, Pyrodex RS powder and #11 caps.

I thought I would start with 80 grains, looking at the charts in Lymans blackpowder manual. I weighed that on my trusty Lyman digital scale.
I took that amount and put it into a brass powder measure from TC... that 80 grains on the sliding scale on the powder measure reads 115 "somethings".

It just seems to me that that's a LOT of darn powder.

So, again, thanks for all the help. Please don't stop!

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