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Yep, the deer hunters won't waste a chance at a deer by taking a shot at a hog in the off chance that they see some in the daylight.

To let a complete stranger on private land to hunt probably won't happen. A friend let two guys hunt, as soon as he left 15 of their buddies showed up and trashed the place.
Hogs frequent places inhabited by livestock. There's stuff to eat and good rooting around cow poop. So it takes a lot of trust to let someone shoot around domesticated animals. I take them from between cows on a regular basis. I am careful with my shots and what lays beyond. I will pass if I have to.

Diffy, the pigs are not game animals in Texas, so I see no help from the state. Some counties offer small bounties on tails.
They can be sold on the hoof, but it is a hassle and if they kill one another on the trip, an animal cruelty charge is possible. There have been a couple of cases of this so far.
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