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Denis, I understand that, though I'd call it "obsolescent," rather than "obsolete," but that's quibbling.

I understand also that if I have a catastrophic breakage of some sort years from now I'll have difficulty finding parts and labor. I also understand some parts on the Colt are wear items and normal usage will wear them over time.

But, excluding unexpected breakage, I don't expect to shoot it much more than you did when you carried it, so I expect decades of useful life. I'll extend that as much as possible by shooting standard pressure SD ammunition, stockpiling it when necessary. In the meantime I'll have an effective six-shot revolver that fits me better than the other options I've tried.

I have enough semi-auto pistols; this DS is something I will be able to load with hands that are old and weak, assuming I get there, and that's something my autos may not offer me. It also offers me a package that's more concealable than a six-shot Ruger or Smith in a package that fits my hand more effectively. So, in that regard, the DS is a better buy and any repair issues are much more theoretical than its real, immediate advantages.

I understand the disadvantages, but they just aren't as important as the advantages.
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