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Sig P226Mk25 vs. HK P30L

I have been wanting a Sig P226MK25 for some time. I currently have a HK P30 and a HK P30L. Both have had trigger work to install the SRT. They both shoot great. I have found that I shoot them about equally so I could part with one. I like the looks of the P30 better (personal preference). I can't justify getting the Sig without selling one of the HK's. With the trigger work (and the fact that I bought the P30L at my LGS and paid a bit more than I would have online) I have about $1,000.00 in the P30L. I know I can't get that used but I could get most of what I need to fund the Sig (I found one for $975.00 unless it sells fast).

Other than the "I wants" should I sell the HK and get the Sig? What would you do. I don't know if I am trying to talk my way into doing it or out of doing it. Thaks.
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