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Gosh I wonder why they don't go ahead and just say what book he wrote on their website:

Ours is a nation in the grip of a strange kind of mania. Why after President Reagan was shot was there virtually no handgun legislation? Why after the Columbine massacre in Littleton, Colorado, was nothing done to regulate the tools that children most frequently use to kill one another? Why was there no legislative response after a six-year-old in Flint, Michigan, shot a classmate with a .32 caliber "pocket rocket"? Tragedy follows tragedy, with twelve children shot dead every day in America, but guns remain less regulated than automobiles. Why? As authors Peter Harry Brown and Daniel G. Abel in this powerful book demonstrate, it is because of the terrible power of the gun coalition.
Investigative reporter Brown and attorney Abel have chronicled the battle of the group of attorneys suing the gun industry and the NRA for "knowingly manufacturing and marketing lethal machines to criminals."
Who knew that the NRA manufactured or marketed anything? These are guys are even worse than the AHSA; straight up liars.

Sielicki surprises me, I thought he was on our side.

Ok, Able states multiple times in his book that Bob Ricker and Feldman provided him source material for his work. Feldman was Ricker's boss so this all starting to make sense?

Feldman comes off as a weird opportunist rather than a banner. I am sure he would sell us out for headline.
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