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If i got one it would probably be a Henry

I only own one of their rifles, a Henry .22 and it has given me what must now be a decade of dependable use. It was my first rifle, and it is as accurate as the person shooting it. I just haven't shot the .45-70 Henry, its a big jump. I'm not sure that I like the ghost ring sights, would prefer standard irons.

If you find a lever action with a gritty or less than smooth action you can take it apart, clean all the internal parts, examine the contact surfaces and polish them down. Expect some machining burrs that create more friction in the action and polish them out. Clean the parts you polish. Oil contact surfaces and put it back together. I have done this to two Marlin 336 rifles. If you get an old one, there is probably a lot more gunk in the action than you want to be there. A good cleaning off all its parts will do great things for the action of a lever action.
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