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Selection of a gun not who made it ....its about whether it "Fits" you - so it hits where you look.../ but a lot of the bigger names in gas semi-autos seem to come pretty close to fitting a lot of people....

I'm not a big semi-auto fan...and BigDinFL probably right in my area as well ...that there are more Beretta semi-autos out there than any other brand...especially among new shooters.
Just so you know .....the clays gun ....that is designed by Benelli for the clay the Super Sport model ...and its a very nice gun, synthetic stock, comfort tech system in it ...but new its retailing for around $ 1,900 right now.../ but its a solid competition grade gun. I have one in 12ga with a 30" barrel and a 20ga with a 28" barrel...and I use them primarily as "training guns" for the grandkids or new shooters...or as inclement weather guns ...or as a "travel" gun for myself when I fly somewhere and I don't want to give a high dollar gun to the airlines...and I want to take 1 gun that will do everything pretty well. It may be a gun that you want to consider long term ....but not as a starter gun.

Beretta also makes some high end competition grade semi-autos ...the UGB ..and some of the 391 series and A400 series....
I only mention these guns you understand the spectrum of guns out there....( its kind of like saying buy a Browning Citori ---- when there are 36 models of the Citori line of guns on the market ....telling you to buy a "Citori" or a "Benelli" ...isn't giving you enough info....

same thing in handguns, etc..../ there isn't just one size that fits all....
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