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Wow! Sounds like we already have pretty reasonable gun control laws in place doesn't it?
Yes we do. Just need to enforce the gun laws we currently have to their fullest extent.

The point is we can't give knee jerk reactions. We have to calm down, be rational and not give an inch.

I hope you don't mind that don't mind that I emboldened "and not give an inch" in your post.

The reason I did this was:

The whole 'sham' the public is being sold by our President as well as the rest of the anti-gun polticians/society in that their AWB's are a solution or in fact, a part of the solution for the problem at hand....problem being...innocent kids being killed in schools.

We can stack gun laws from here to China, we can add to or take away from existing laws, or we can keep them the same...but when it comes to really addressing the issue at hand, which again is keeping our children from being murdered at school, tighter school security along with having armed people in our schools to kill the psycho hopefully before he/she gets started is the only way it will stop.

These attacks are being committed in 'No Gun' areas by psycho's hell bent on killing people that are completely defenseless. The psycho's are mentally deranged but they are smart enough to choose 'No Gun' zones as their targets where they can do the most damage with no resistance. In other words...during one of these school shootings, the psycho is in complete control of the situation and literally has the total control of everyone's lives he comes in contact with during his shooting spree until someone that's armed(usually LE) shows up at the scene.

It just seems so painfully obvious that again, these psycho's are smart enough to choose 'No Gun' zones, which just happen to be schools full of innocent children, that if we instill a program that enables firearms in our schools that this would stop or severely cut down these psycho's 'carte blanche' mindset of going into a school and having a smorgasbord of defenseless victims.

These psycho's are not going into police stations or places where it is known that there will most likely be firearms in which the targeted victims will be armed. Why? Cause their killing spree would be very short lived and they know it.

In short, an AWB of any sort, doctored up , written however and so eloquently sold to the public by this or any other President and his anti-gun cohorts, is simply again a sham to the public and not addressing the issue at hand and this is what we need to remember, first and foremost when the above people are using these tragedies as an excuse to promote their ant-gun agendas. These AWB's will simply make no difference and we can write and stack gun restrictive bills from here to China and they simply will not work.

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