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I like your idea of 2 guns - same frame size - one in .22 and one in .357mag ( shoot .38 spl also ) ....

In and out of the same holster - similar feel in terms of weight - similar trigger pulls in DA and SA...

but I would also suggest a 4" or a 2" or 2 1/2" ....because the 4" is a lot easier to shoot beyond 15 feet or so .../ and they're almost identical in terms of carry - the extra weight of a 4" vs 2 1/2" is really not significant with a good holster and a good belt.

Personally, I like the K frame ( med sized frame) S&W's ...model 19's(blued or nickel) or 66's (stainless) in .357 mag ....and a model 18(blued or nickel) or 617(stainless) in .22 / all K frames. For a holster - when I carry a K frame 4" Revolver...I use a Kramer leather rig / Inside waist band with a forward FBI tilt.../ good holster ( and if I wanted to carry a 2 1/2" K frame, I'd use the same holster )....
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