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Furthermore, the uninformed are being told that the new background checks are to close loopholes in the system that allow bad guys to buy guns at gun shows without a background check.

Hate to say it, and believe me I am on the side of the RKBA, but.....

That's exactly how I would buy firearms if I were a prohibited person.

So: If keeping firearms away from prohibited persons is a goal, I can clearly see their point. It's a hard point to argue against.



The problem is that it is an intrusion on our right of property ownership. If the property is ours, legally owned, legally obtained, it's ****-all anyone else business what I do with it in regards to sale or disposition.
You have no rights under the Second Amendment to not have your transaction recorded, nor do you have rights to minor intrusions on the transfer of property. Regulations on contracts - including that they be in written depending on certain factors - have been in place for longer than there has been a USA.

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