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The problem is that it is an intrusion on our right of property ownership. If the property is ours, legally owned, legally obtained, it's ****-all anyone else business what I do with it in regards to sale or disposition.

Remember they don't stop at what is reasonable, they just keep on digging.

They know good and well that the criminal will still break the law to do what he wants to do so why do they keep trying?

Here is a list of the stepping stones;

Background checks for retail purchase.
Background checks for private sale.
Need more proof, keep the records for analysis.
****, people still getting shot, just take all those guns.

BTW, knives are sharp, no assault knives .....

Somewhere down the line you have to look at these people and just tell them, "NO", "You can't legislate a perfect world".

EDIT: If they can't get it done this way they will try it another. Like smoking, I smoked and I'll be real, I quit over a year ago and I am happy I did. But right down to the bone I resent the way I was made to quit.

They couldn't get a law passed banning smoking so they just kept raising the taxes, they lied about where the tax money went. It was hard to oppose the taxes at first, the money was supposed to help smoking victims, right. All that money did was go everywhere else for everything else.
I remember paying over double the price for smokes in Arizona then what they cost in Texas. It was just robbery and it just got too damned expensive to smoke. If they can't get a ban thru they will try to tax the guns and the ammo to death. They will slowly drive away gun ownership whittling down the number who care until none remain to oppose them. Then they will get their laws through.

They drove the cost of my habit from about $90 a month to more then a new car payment.

I resent my country for allowing this to happen because no matter what the "good intentions" are, the end result is just another form of coercion and it robbed my Family of so much money.

Beware other people's good intentions.
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