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If the pockets are loose, the stuff's been overloaded. Not hard to tell. The pockets on new cases are 0.1740" ±0.0005". So they are pretty close to right on. Measure a primer with a micrometer (a caliper won't have enough resolution or precision for this measurement), it should be at least 0.1746" and as much as 0.1756", so 0.0001" to 0.0011" interference by mil spec (not sure about commericial in-house specs, but they shouldn't be too different). If it has the right OD and it essentially falls into the pocket or can be pushed in with your thumb, the cases have been loaded to too high high a pressure at some point. A good rule of thumb is that any load that loosens primer pockets in five loadings or fewer should be backed down 5%. May be some exceptions, but .223 isn't one of them.
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