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Oh boy..where do I start?

Ok, well depends how you're using the bathroom. As a man obviously, one way is a lot easier than the other. Don't need to go into specifics.

The more difficult way for both men and women, is sitting down.

I do NOT think it's wise to leave it out of arms reach. But sometimes you just have to.

If the stall goes really low, to where you can't see anything under it. It can stay in the holster. If it is about 1 foot of clearance from the ground..I know this sounds crazy. It's like fire and water. Also goes against my "within" arms reach of the gun at all times. But...

In the sink wrapped in paper until you're done to reholster. I know...crazy.. I for one, always wash my hands. So I'll know it's in there and won't forget it. 2 birds with one stone.

I'd never leave it hanging from the door or anything of the sort. People snatch things that way, the trigger could get caught in the hook. etc. Just a bad idea.
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