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How are the front sights on M15-3 revolvers attached? I was thinking of having a fiberoptic front put on, but it involves removing the front sight blade.
The front sights on the older M15's are integral with the barrel.

Having an aftermarket front sight installed will sacrifice the collectible value of the gun; however, the collectible value of a run-of-the-mill 4" M15-3 is not that high, although it has climbed somewhat in the last several years.
The fact that the hammer, trigger and sights are not plated leads me to believe that it may have left the factory as a nickel plated gun.
+1. A factory nickel S&W from this era should have:
  • Color case finish on the hammer and trigger
  • Matte black finish on the rear sight base
  • Blued finish on the ejector star with natural metal on the pawls
  • Blued finish on the ejector rod, although the finish is typically thin and rapidly wears off with use
  • A shallow capital letter "N" stamped on the cylinder face, and another on the grip frame under the stocks
I have been told that those are the "target" hammer and trigger. Not sure what that means but you are correct.
I don't believe this is correct, although it's a little hard to tell from the picture. A standard M15-3 came with a "semi-target" hammer and trigger, which are slightly wider than the "service" hammer and trigger used on most fixed-sight .38's, but are not flared as much as the target hammer and trigger.

The target hammer and trigger are about 1/2" wide and were usually ordered in conjunction with oversize Target stocks that cover up the frontstrap. Your gun very obviously does NOT have Target stocks, and the trigger definitely does not look wide enough, although the hammer is hard to distinguish.
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